Our services

Mechanical CAD

We offer a full range of mechanical design services, including the design of custom machines, automated equipment, jigs and dies, etc.

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We turn ideas into designs and functional components that can be produced and marketed quickly.

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Industrial automation

Our extensive knowledge of automation components and practical experience make us an ideal partner for industrial automation needs.

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Industrial consulting

Our consulting expertise is often sought for second opinions on critical projects and for a fresh perspective on existing projects.

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About us

Virtual Machines Inc. (VMI) is a custom engineering firm located in Mississauga, Ontario. We provide mechanical engineering, industrial engineering and industrial automation expertise to a wide range of clients in a variety of industries. We specialize in product design and development, design of automated production equipment and manufacturing processes.

In product design and development we use the latest mechanical CAD software to generate virtual prototypes and concept renderings for industrial design definition of products. We also assist our customers in creation of physical prototypes.

VMI offers full mechanical design services for custom machines, automated equipment, jigs and dies. Whether you need a single component, or a complete turnkey system, VMI can provide innovative mechanical design solutions.



Here are some examples of how our services benefit our clients:

By creating virtual prototypes we can reduce the number of physical prototypes and tests required.

We can reduce design time, without the loss of flexibility.

We can reduce the time it takes to bring a product to market.

We can increase the accuracy of assembly parts by designing them within assembly model, directly using geometry from adjacent parts or layouts.

By outsourcing to us, our clients minimize their payroll, free up valuable workspace and free their human resources to work on what they do best.

We can reduce manufacturing cost by reducing waste, improving material flow, eliminating defects and reducing production cycle time.

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